Optimize Business IT with The Right Cloud Infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure cloud is ISO, HITRUST and HIPAA certified cloud service. This means you can be sure your data is protected and compliant with regulatory compliance requirements. Azure cloud data centers are geographically redundant and provide enterprise grade protection.

As a Microsoft Partner, we deploy and manage Microsoft Azure public, private and hybrid cloud computing solutions for small businesses. Azure cloud enables businesses to pay for computing resources as needed, freeing businesses from large capital expenditure. It also offers the productivity, security and compliance needs for business success.

Our Azure Cloud Services include:

  • Cloud Planning and Readiness Assessment.
  • Cloud Solution Analysis, Scope & Design
  • Cloud Server Deployment.
  • Cloud Backup Deployment.
  • Virtual Machine Migration to Cloud.
  • File Server Migration to Cloud.
  • Cloud Performance Monitoring & Reporting.
  • Azure Consumption monitoring & Optimization
  • Cloud Security
  • Disaster Recovery Testing.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • End User Training.
  • End User Support.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing uses in Small Businesses:

Cloud Application Hosting:

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines can be used to host Line of Business Application. Some applications hosted in Azure are QuickBooks, SQL Servers, EHR and SharePoint server. Azure cloud servers cost as low as $15/month.

Cloud Server:

A cloud server can provide small businesses with a file server for central storage or an active directory (AD) server for employee identification and authentication.

Cloud Desktop:

A cloud desktop provides businesses with anywhere access to their office application and files. Employees only need an Internet connection to connect to the resources.
Our cloud desktop includes Office 365 Enterprise subscription license. This provides full Microsoft Office software, Microsoft outlook and Microsoft Exchange hosted email. The desktops are priced from $80 per user with a minimum order of 5 users. Pricing can drop to as low as $50 per user based on volume.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Azure cloud backup services can be used to backup the files and folders on computers, azure cloud servers, file servers and onsite file servers. Onsite Virtual Machines backed up to Azure backup can be used for disaster recovery when needed.

Cloud Data Storage:

Azure storage is a bottomless storage platform that can be used to archive large amounts of data or for SQL database needs. This can be scaled up or down as needed to meet business needs.

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